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Nicotine Shots & TPD

Nicotine E-Liquid Shots are about to become one of the biggest aspects of vaping. Why is this? Because vaping restrictions brought to us by the TPD are about to change the entire vaping industry. If you are unaware of the TPD regulations then please read this.

From the 20th May 2017 all e-liquid containing nicotine placed on sale will be restricted entirely to 10ml bottles. This means anything over 10ml, 30ml, etc containing Nicotine that you were purchasing this past few years are now illegal. You will notice your local vape store no longer stock these bottles with nicotine inside (if they do past 20th May 2017, they are breaking the law). Concentrated Nicotine is now also being removed from sale and will be a lot harder to obtain.

To be fully compliant under the TPD regulations the testing for compliance is extremely expensive. Some vaping businesses are having to paying over £5,000 per flavour! Many smaller businesses simply cannot afford this - especially in a vape palace with a wide array of flavours. Many businesses just like us will now be turning to 90ml in a 100ml bottle supplied with a free Nicotine shot.

You will of noticed our entire store will have changed on 20th May 2017, our 100ml bottles will only come with 90ml pre-mixed 0mg e-liquid with a free Nicotine Shot for 3mg and 6mg levels.