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TPD Compliance Statement 18/5/2017

You will be aware of the TPD regulations regarding e-cigarettes are about to reshape the whole vaping industry. All companies are expected to be fully compliant by 20th May 2017. 

Just Vaping LTD is fully against the regulations and consider that they're absolutely biblical, damaging to smaller businesses and the industry itself. After all this industry is all about quitting smoking and saving lives and vaping was created for a healthier option to quit the sticks! We all like to make sure we're as safe as possible however the TPD goes above and beyond. Many of the regulations are complete nonsense and clearly written by individuals with small education.

With this being said, we do not see a negative future for vaping in the UK and EU. With many tens of thousands quitting smoking everyday and switching over to vaping. We're adamant the industry will continue to grow over the coming years. Despite some of the regulations regarding strengths, tanks and sizes. This is no way going to effect us as a ever growing business.

This statement declares that Just Vaping LTD is now a fully TPD compliant business.

Becoming fully TPD compliant hasn't been the easiest journey - however this isn't going to stop us trading and providing 5 star products to our customers. We feel we will continue to strive and grow as a business! Comparing us with other businesses we are dedicated to what we do, fill your taste-buds!

Moving on from here, We are providing our prices inclusive of Nicotine shots meaning there is no extra cost involved when it comes to purchasing which will need to be mixed by the customer on delivery, please ensure you always shake well before the use of any e-liquid!

Just Vaping LTD is a business committed and passionate about vaping and the huge benefit it can bring to human life. We are confident that the industry has a bright future ahead and we sure do look forward to being a great part of it.

Dan Thomas

Founder & Managing Director